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"Every three days in the United States, a young competitive athlete dies without warning."
Maryland Legislation
​​What we are following:

Great news!


Breanna's Law (Senate Bill 503) and The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act (House Bill 427).


PASSED in Maryland!

Latest News

What have we been up to lately?


Here's what we're watching... Texas state representatives Sylvester Turner, Wayne Smith, and Dan Huberty recently introduced HB766, that if passed, will make it mandatory for an ECG or EKG to be included in sports exams for student athletes. Since athletes must have the physical exam to play anyway, this would not be a huge burden.


The cost would be about $15 and left up to parents to pay. The bill also allows an opt-out for financial or religious reasons.

​Other State Legislation
​​What we have learned:

Twelve other states have already passed legislation making CPR training a requirement for high school graduation. They are Alabama, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Vermont, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington State.

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